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Summary of company

Our Company was founded in 1946 as a manufacture of bicycle and motorcyle chains. Since then,we have developed thousands of other products such as standerd roller chains,conveyor chains,leaf chains,and engineeringchains,all in accordance with appicable ANSI,JIS,or BS standards. Both in our domestic market and abroad our chain is rated first class for its precision,performance,and durabirity, so our chain is truly world class. By taking advantage of our wealth of experience,and by using the latest technology for assembling chain, we are continuously exerting every effort to improve our chain. We are aiso continually evaluating process to ensure that we are providing chains of uniformly high quality to our industrial markets.

Foundation October 9, 1946
Capital jY99,920,000-
(yen ninety nine millions nine hundreds and twenty thousands)
Adress 358-0032
11-14,sayamagahara,iruma-city,saitama,japan (map
contact Telephone : 04-2934-1111 / Fax : 04-2934-4147
  • Many kinds of power transmission roller chains
  • Double pitch roller chains
  • Leaf chains
  • Engineering chains
  • Other special chains
  • Building steel materials
Destinations of export
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Australia
  • and etc.

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