• FAQ concerning roller chain (1,018KB)

    (1)、Strength of Connecting Link (2)、Method of Installing Connecting Link (3)、Wear Elongation (4)、Tempperrature Limit for Chain's use (5)、Lubrication (6)、Comparison on Transmission Parts (7)、Allowable Load of Roller and Attachment (8)、BCL Connecting Links (9)、Feature of each Series (10)、Steinless Steel Chain (11)、Matching and Tagging (12)、Elastic Elongation (13)、Number of chain pitches、Center distance in pitch (14)、Trouble Shooting Hints (15)、Sprokets for Double Pitch Chain (16)、Example of Chain's Indication (17)、The Features of SBR Chain (18)、Pin's of Fatigue Breakage caused by Pitting Corrosion (19)、Roller Chain Number (20)、The kind of Attachment (21)、Fuatures and Drive direction of Offset type Bushed Chain (22)、Safeguarding of Hazards (23)、Safeguarding of Hazards (24)、Wear life and measuring method of a chain (25)、Chain Maximum Speed (V m/min) 

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