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Other special chains

Oil-Field Chains

Oil-Field Chains are designed with thicker side plates to insure greater capacity for absorbing shock loads without fatigue failure of side plates.

Side Bow Chains

Side Bow chains provide extra clearance between pins, bushings, and link plates to allow freedom of operation around a curve or twist. The basic dimensions and quality are the same as those of ANSI standard roller chains. Side bow chain is widely used for live roll conveyors, and with attachments to convey material around curves. For identification, the suffix SB is added the number.

Hollow-Pin Chains

The unique hollow pin feature provides unlimited conveyor versatility, allowing easy insertion of cross rods or attachments to pre-assembled chain at desired spacing.

Leaf Chains

Leaf chains are well suited for any application requiring flexible, high strength linkage for reciprocating motion or lift at relatively low speed. For their low cost and long life, widely used for lift trucks, masts and other lifting as construction and mining machines and excellent as balance and counterweights of machine tools and so forth.

Engineering Chains

Widely used in rigid working conditions and low speed as such required on concrete mixers, sugar mill, dredgers, power shovels, ditching machines, road powers, construction machines, etc.

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