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Technical reseach and development Silver SBR

In our manufacture of chain, we operate within tolerances of .01mm. In making the dies used in our production of the chain parts, our precision is even greater than .01mm.

Since the early days of our company, we have made as many of our own dies as possible, and in doing so, we have developed our own original technology for making dies.

As a result, we have built a reputation as a manufacturer of first class chain in the world market. We do not have to rely on the abilities of other companies in order to maintain our excellence, so we can be sure of our continued consistent high quality.

Our "SBR" roller chain grew out of the improvements we have made in the manufacturing of roller chain. It is the distillation of all of our technology.

Its characteristics are:

1. Using a solid seamless bushing rather than a barrel-shaped curled bushing.

2. Using a solid seamless roller rather than a curled roller.

Making a bushing as uniformly round as possible increases the its resistance to wear. Every effort has been used to make the curled bushing as round as possible, but the split at the seam of the bushing hinders those efforts. Without our SBR bushing the benefits of uniform roundness come into play and the wear resistance is substantially increased, even under severe conditions. The life of SBR chain is approximately double or more that of standard rolled chain with curled bushings.

3. Remarkable increase of long life of the chain because of a reduction in wear resistance.

Leakage of lubricant has affected the amount of wear resistance of roller chain because lubricant is apt to leak out even from a tiny clearance of the seam of the curled bushing. With SBR , the ability to retain lubricant is vastly improved because the bushing is seamless. Therefore, wear resistance is expanded greatly.

4. Standard performance under heavy loading conditions.

The seamless finish of the SBR bushing has been made by forming. Breakage of the bushing has been overcome by orienting the iron molecular structure in a direction along the cylindrical length of the bushing. That has increased the resistance to fatigue in our chain, minimized elongation, and allowed the chain to have a long stable operation.

Difference between Conventional Chain and Silver SBR Chain

We continue to emphasize our research and development of our own original technology in order to keep manufacturing excellent quality chains. At Sugiyama Chain Co., Ltd., we aim to manufacture chain which always satisfies the users and helps to expand the development of the industrial worlds.

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